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An American Coin Through & Through

As a favourite coin among collectors, you will rarely find anything more ‘American’ than the American Silver Coin, produced right in the United States. The United States has produced three coins since 1986: bullion (the highest standard of purity), a proof version (early minting stage reproductions) and an uncirculated version, strictly for coin collectors.

Except for the uncirculated variant, every version of coinage has a face value of one dollar and is recognised as a valid form of payment in the United States. But for those who are looking to save their coins rather than spend them, these are fantastic introductory products.

About the American Silver Eagle Coin

Coin collectors across the country and indeed around the world crave the high quality, bespoke nature of precious metals produced by the United States Mint. The “uncirculated” version of these coins were all produced at West Point and thus bear a “W” inscription.

Regarding the popularity levels of the American Silver Eagle, in 2015, the silver coin sold 47.3 million copies throughout the United States. Sales then fell off in the preceding years to only 15 million copies being sold (of bullion) but returned in 2020 with 31.3 million total sales nationally.

Features of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Weighing one Troy ounce, and filled with .999 Silver, the market value of the American Silver Eagle coin is much greater than its value of US$1.00 as legal tender. It should be noted that those from 1995 featuring the “W” marking were valued at US$3,800. Owning one of these will allow you to be part of the extravaganza of owning American Silver Eagles, the world’s most popular coin.

The obverse face of these coins will feature a classic design from Adolph A. Weinmann called “Walking Liberty”, featuring Lady Liberty wandering towards the onlooker of the obverse face. The design has been slightly updated, but much of the original Adolph Weinmann remains true to form. The reverse face of the design features the weight, number of Troy ounces, and purity level as well as the Heraldic Eagle of the United States, created by then-Chief Engraver at the U.S Mint, John Mercanti.

For those with any interest at all in American coinage, old and new, the American Silver Eagle has to make it to your coin collection shelves. Whether you’re fortunate enough to run into one of the higher-valued coins or want to spend a buck to have something to pass on to the grandkids, our 1oz American Silver Eagle is the coin you’ve been looking for. At 1 Troy ounces of pure silver, this coin is a quality-backed addition to your collection.

If you’re just starting out with your collection, give us a call or shop via our online store today. Let us help you get kicked off by adding some premium American coinage.


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