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One of the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest and greatest offerings is this 10 Troy ounce silver bar, produced in 2023 and intended for audiences far and wide. Complete with the latest in security and authenticity technology, combined with the history of the Royal Canadian Mint for producing some of the greatest and most sought-after bullion products of the last century, this 10oz bar is a must-buy.

About the Royal Canadian Mint

Canada took full control of the Royal Canadian Mint in 1931 – before this, it was under the control of the British Royal Mint. Today, the Mint makes all of Canada’s coins for everyday use, as well as coins for other countries. The Mint also makes gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion coins, gold, silver, and base metal collector coins, medals, medallions, and tokens.

Because of their commitment to quality and superiority, RCM was the first refinery to produce 9999 fine gold bullion coins in 1982 and the first to reach 99999 fine gold purity in 1999. Both accomplishments were made possible by the rigorous standards they uphold.

The RCM has long been in the game for making fantastic bullion products of both silver and gold, and this 10oz bar is no departure from that. Whether a newbie or a veteran of precious metal collecting, owning a piece of the RCM’s storied product history must be high on your priority list.

Features of the 10oz RCM Silver Bar

The obverse face of the bar features an encircled Canadian maple leaf – half upright, half, seemingly reflected in perfectly still waters. The encirclement is made up of the words “ROYAL CANADIAN MINT”, in both official national languages – English and French. Below that is the weight, metal content and purity and then at the very bottom is a unique feature of RCM bars known as the RCM “Bullion Finish”.

The reverse face of the bar is a repeating pattern of the Canadian maple leaf – and its upside-down design – found on the obverse. Additional unique features of the bar include the serrated edges that add a strange feeling when you’re handling the bars but add authenticity and a security feature to your investment. Each bar is fully supported by the Royal Canadian Mint and is only of the only 10oz being produced by any national government in the world.

This uniqueness of being produced by a nation-state rather than a private company add value to your investment right up-front. So, even though the price of this 10oz bar might be a little higher than other comparative weights and metal purities, the Canadian Government produced the bar adds a weight of its own.

Whether you’re a serious investor looking to pick up a pack of 25 of these bars (they come supremely packaged for security and safety in transport), or simply looking to buy one for your at-home collection, we can help you through the entire process. The bars come neatly wrapped and are meant to be stacked atop the other, measuring 3.5 inches long by 2 inches wide.

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