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Let’s Go To The Moon! Wall Street 10oz Bar

This 10 oz Wall Street Mint Silver to The Moon Bar is a great collector’s item for those who are interested in silver. They are ideal to stack and are made from 10 troy ounces of 0.999 fine silver.

About Wall Street Silver & The Silver Squeeze Movement

The To the Moon silver bar is the first release in the Wall Street Silver Series. These bars are a tribute to the Silver Squeeze Movement designed to spread the word about how good it is to invest in silver. The Silver Squeeze movement is part of Wall Street Silver. In this online community, people talk about precious metals, investments in physical silver and gold, ETFs, mining stocks, and business news related to precious metals.

This bar incorporates the hashtag phrase #silversqueeze. The idea behind the #silversqueeze is that big banks and hedge funds have short positions on the silver market to suppress the price of the precious metal. The theory is that if enough small investors buy silver, the big players will have to cover or buy back their short positions, which would cause the price to go through the roof.

The bar also has an image of an ape holding a rocket, the main symbol of the silver squeeze investor.

Silver Gold Bull, a trusted gold and silver dealer, distributed these To the Moon bars. Silver Gold Bull Inc. was founded in 2009 with the goal of giving smart investors easy ways to buy precious metals. By having the best sales, customer service, and easy ways to buy, the company has become a major player in Canada’s gold and silver trading market and around the world. The logo features on the To the Moon silver bar.

Features of the To the Moon Silver Bar

On the back of this bar is an image of a strong ape holding a rocket, the main symbol of the silver squeeze investor. In the background, you can see the skyline of New York City and the signs to Wall Street. On the other side, the strong ape is holding the rocket. As it goes up, the rocket represents how silver is going up. “Up to the Moon!”

The Silver Gold Bull logo, and the bar’s purity, weight, and type of metal are also on the bar.

To add a To the Moon Silver Bar to your collection, shop now online. Once we receive your order, we’ll dispatch it in secure and safe packaging as soon as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, get in touch with our customer service team to discuss.


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